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Estate Sales

  • There is no money up front. We are paid by commission only. We work to get you top dollar for all your valuables. 

  • We organize and arrange your location before the sale. Light cleaning is provided.

  • We will conduct a sale in your home, office, or warehouse. A 2-3 day sale is typical depending on the volume of goods.

  • We provide tables, locking cases, easels and display material to attractively merchandise your items for sale.

  • We spend hours researching and inspecting your items to provide accurate pricing and maximize your profits.

  • We promote, advertise, and market your sale with website photos, signage, print ads, email campaigns and social media. We have a roster of hundreds of estate sale shoppers that will be notified of your sale.

  • We provide bags, wrapping materials for the sale.

  • ​We accept all major credit cards- Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover which greatly increases the likelihood of larger, more expensive items being sold during your sale.

  • We staff the sale with friendly, professional workers to monitor shoppers, answer questions, and encourage sales.

  • We have courteous workers that speak English and Spanish to ensure the language barrier is never a barrier to a sale.


Guided Sales

  • This is a great service for those who have inherited or found a great single item or small collection and need assistance with marketing and selling. We have a professional studio to photograph your item. We list the items for sale, market the item, pack and ship with insurance. There is no upfront fee. Great for collectibles, vintage clothing, rare books, and other small scale items/collections.


When you hire Hill Williams Liquidations, we do all the work. Our goal is to make clearing a household or business as easy and stress free as possible while providing our client with maximum profits for the days ahead.

We work hard and efficiently for clients small and large.


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